Strengthen a writing culture: Prior General wishes good future to Lisieux magazine

Message from Prior General

Moet Reverend Fernando Millan Romeral O.Carm

I write to congratulate the whole Carmelite Latin Delegation in India on your 10th anniversary since the launch of Lisieux. Such a bulletin is an important source of information within the Delegation as well as a tool for communication with the rest of the Carmelite Family. I commend the hard work of the founding and successive editors and all those who have contributed articles over the years.

Producing a magazine every two month requires a lot of commitment on the part of the editorial team. It means getting in touch with brothers to write up articles. Sitting down to write an article is not easy when everyone is busy with other ministerial commitments. Yet you have been faithful in producing this magazine for the past 10 years. Lisieux serves as part of the historical record of the account of activities and reflections on events taking place in the Delegation and in the world. As you look back on the past ten years with gratitude know that you are already building up a tradition in the Delegation.

I encourage you to cultivate this writing culture. India is home to some of the world’s most ancient cultures. These cultures exist to this day because they cherished reading and writing.

Documentation is important not only for huge cultures but even for small entities like yours. Make Lisieux a meeting point of views of the brothers and a durable record for the Delegation. Write about your history. Reflect on Carmelite spirituality in your context. Write about your experience. I would like to see future Carmelite writers emerge from your ranks because you have begun writing for Lisieux.

This year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the martyrdom of Titus Brandsma (1881-1942) one of the 20thcentury Carmelite witness. Multi­gifted, he had interests in culture, education and journalism. He was chosen as a spiritual director for the Catholic press and because of his organization of journalists to resist Nazism he was branded dangerous, was imprisoned and martyred. Blessed Brandsma wrote extensively for newspapers, magazines and academic journals. I pray that you may find inspiration through his intercession to bring for discussion contemporary and Carmelite issues in your magazine.

The focus of Lisieux is spirituality: I exhort you to strengthen a writing culture within the Delegation about how the Carmelite Charism can be inculturated and deepened in the Indian context. Indian Carmelite experiences need continual observation, research and writing to enrich the world heritage of the Carmelite spirit so that people may be drawn to reflect on and pursue the human fundamental thirst for God.

I wish you many more years of reflection. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary. Auguri! Ad multosannus!

Fr. Fernando Millan Romeral,

O.Carm. Prior General

In pursuit of Guru…
Bro. Adorn Ansel
The question of ‘Guru’ still poses itself before this chaotic
world, with all its relevance it had had from the time immemorial. In a world like this,
where anybody and everybody
Saint Teresa of Avila, Carmelite mystic
Feast: 15 October
Teresa (Teresa Sánchez de Cepeda y Ahumada) was born on March 28, 1515,  in Avila, a city of Old Castile in Spain. Her parents, Don Alfonso Sanchez de Capeda
Fr. Mathew Freni Karaluthara O.Carm

Stand still and hear with your inner ears,
the sound of the Lord walking in Paradise.
His lovely walk from afar.
Hear in the rhythms

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